A New Way to Monetize Your App (without Ads)

How to monetize apps?  The challenge plagues many developers as they try to strike a balance between making money without compromising the user experience. With monetization options largely limited to paid app models, in-app purchasing, and ads (which impact user experience), it’s clear that developers need new ways to drive app dollars while keeping their experience intact.


Answering this need for more monetization options, Placed announced the launch of Placed Affiliate earlier this week, which offers app developers a new and easy way to monetize apps without altering the user experience.


If you’re interested in monetizing your app with Placed Affiliate, request an invitation to participate here.

Placed Affiliate provides incremental and recurring revenue to app developers by monetizing location data for market research, not ads, and works alongside existing monetization channels to increase total app revenue.


Set up is easy: Developers implement the SDK, users opt-in and, in exchange, the developer earns incremental income.

Placed Affiliate


What about privacy? Placed keeps user privacy at the core of its approach. Participating apps not only have location permissions enabled by the end user, but also require a secondary notification and opt-in for any data exchange, ensuring a privacy first user experience.


Ready to monetize your app? Request your invitation to participate in Placed Affiliate.




Do You Showroom? Study Reveals New Insights into Showroomers’ Shopping Habits

Showrooming: The word that strikes fear into the hearts of brick-and-mortar retailers as shoppers take to their aisles only to buy for a cheaper price online. In our new study, Placed: Aisle to Amazon, we take an in-depth look at where these showroom-savvy consumers shop, revealing which retailers should be most wary of this growing trend.


Males vs. Female Showroomers

One of the key findings from the study highlighted the differences between male and female showroomers and the brick-and-mortar stores they were likely to visit.


  • Best Buy took the top spot for males who were 39% more likely to visit the electronics store than the average U.S. consumer, while Kohl’s led for Females at 49%.
  • For Male showroomers, the #2 and #3 retailers they were most likely to visit were held by home improvement retailers The Home Depot (24%) and Lowe’s (23%), with Sears landing the #4 spot at 22% and Costco securing the #5 position at 20%.
  • Females saw PetSmart (47%), Bed Bath & Beyond (46%), Marshall’s (44%) and Old Navy (38%) round out the top five.

Download your copy of the full study: Placed: Aisle to Amazon

Male vs. Female Showroomers