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Today, we are excited to launch Placed Panels, our next step in bringing location analytics to companies looking for real-world insights.


Where Do Your Customers Go Throughout Their Day?


Placed Panels is a platform for businesses to build location panels and understand the places that their customer segments go in the physical world.


Unlike Placed Analytics, Placed Panels provides a view into location activities throughout the day for opt-in participants.  We received feedback that while it was useful to know where their users were when interacting with their mobile content, businesses also wanted more insights into where their customers were going throughout the day.   Now, you can get a bigger picture of your customers’ preferences; for example, you can determine which competitors’ stores they visit in the physical world, and how often.


Start Recruiting Panelists in Just 15 Minutes


Placed Panels gives you the tools to start recruiting panelists and obtaining location insights in just 15 minutes.  We provide a recruitment URL, a co-branded mobile app and access to the analytics reports.  You simply need to determine which customer segments you want to measure, how many panelists you want to recruit, the duration of the panel and the incentive (optional).



Features Available with Placed Panels


We are also adding some new features to our analytics reports, available just with Placed Panels:


  • Demographic filters – For example, which restaurants do women visit most often?  Which restaurants do men visit?  Do people with household income over $100k prefer different retail stores to people with household income of $50-75k?
  • Ratings-level reporting on visitors – Obtain figures around the number of visits and visitors to a place during a given time period, at a higher level of precision than the nearby data offered in Placed Analytics


View Example Insights


Here are some examples of data available through Placed Panels, based on a pilot run in August 2012.  This panel sought to identify differences in behavior across ten markets.


  • McDonald’s and Walmart were the only two businesses to be ranked in top 10 in all reported markets
  • Target made the top ten in six markets, but never ranked above seven.  Walmart averaged a rank of 2.5 across all markets.
  • Behind McDonald’s, only five other quick serve restaurants appeared in the top 10 in more than one market:  Subway (7), Jack In The Box (3), Whataburger (2), Sonic (2), Wendy’s (2).
  • Starbucks (9) appeared in the top ten twice as often as Dunkin’ Donuts (4).  In the markets where both businesses were active, Dunkin’ Donuts outranked Starbucks 75% of the time.
  • Walgreens (5) had more appearances in the top 10 than CVS (4), but CVS ranked higher 100% of the time when both companies were in the same market




How Much Will it Cost You?  Nothing.


In our quest to make location analytics accessible to everyone, we are offering Placed Panels as a free service.  While we plan to charge for premium features in the future, the base level of services will be offered for free.  The only cost you will incur is the cost of incentivizing panelists (recommended, but not required).



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