Placed Wins at iMedia Breakthrough and O’Reilly Strata Conferences

To say October has been a busy month here at Placed would be an understatement. Earlier this month we launched Placed Panels, providing businesses with the ability to build their own location panel to drive actionable insights into the offline behaviors of their customers.  This quantification of the physical world enables businesses to leverage location as a competitive advantage.


On the heels of this announcement, Placed was selected as the winner at two prestigious startup competitions held at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit and the O’Reilly Strata Conference. These showcases included some of today’s most-innovative startups in the mobile and big data space, and saw many of the industry’s senior leaders in the audience as they contributed their votes to the competitions.


These two awards highlight the foundation of Placed; our actionable analytics and technical prowess. Winning the Mobile Campaign Management and Analysis Category at iMedia demonstrates the value that location data can bring to brands across industries – whether you are a retailer, CPG company, or publisher. Understanding the real-world visitation patterns of your customer segments provides needed insights to make offline and online strategies more effective and efficient.


The audience at the Strata Conference was significantly different from iMedia, Data Scientists versus Brand Marketers, but the result was very similar with Placed being selected as one of the winners of the Startup Showcase. Specifically, we were chosen as a winner by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.  Fred described Placed as “doing something very unique and different” from the other big data startups, where the focus wasn’t on systems, but rather insights and actionability using big data.


When we started Placed, the location analytics discussion was in its infancy both from a technical and a market strategy perspective.  Now, location is becoming an increasingly important part of the conversation as companies aim to understand their consumer at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. These recent wins at the iMedia and Strata conferences further demonstrate that location analytics resonates across multiple disciplines, and that Placed is the recognized leader in the emerging world of location analytics.


Fred Wilson shares why he chose Placed as his personal pick in the Strata Startup Showcase.




Placed at iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Explaining how brands can benefit from Placed’s location analytics solutions at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit. (Image is property of iMedia Communications, Inc.)

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