Do You Showroom? Study Reveals New Insights into Showroomers’ Shopping Habits

Showrooming: The word that strikes fear into the hearts of brick-and-mortar retailers as shoppers take to their aisles only to buy for a cheaper price online. In our new study, Placed: Aisle to Amazon, we take an in-depth look at where these showroom-savvy consumers shop, revealing which retailers should be most wary of this growing trend.


Males vs. Female Showroomers

One of the key findings from the study highlighted the differences between male and female showroomers and the brick-and-mortar stores they were likely to visit.


  • Best Buy took the top spot for males who were 39% more likely to visit the electronics store than the average U.S. consumer, while Kohl’s led for Females at 49%.
  • For Male showroomers, the #2 and #3 retailers they were most likely to visit were held by home improvement retailers The Home Depot (24%) and Lowe’s (23%), with Sears landing the #4 spot at 22% and Costco securing the #5 position at 20%.
  • Females saw PetSmart (47%), Bed Bath & Beyond (46%), Marshall’s (44%) and Old Navy (38%) round out the top five.

Download your copy of the full study: Placed: Aisle to Amazon

Male vs. Female Showroomers




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