Placed Research: How Advertising has Evolved for QSR & Fast Casual Restaurants

QSR campaigns perform well compared to other verticals or categories.

The ubiquity of mobile devices has dramatically changed the landscape for restaurant advertising, particularly for Quick-Serve (QSR) and Fast Casual. No longer constrained to the desktop, digital advertisers have embraced the possibilities of mobile data and continue to do so—digital ad spend measured by Placed for QSR and Fast Casual increased by over 1,000% between 2014 and 2018.

In this new paper from Placed Research, we explore unexpected and useful insight gained through nuanced location analysis that can be used to guide advertising strategy:

  • QSR marketers do better than average in terms of lift and efficiency
  • Audio and Social apps are the most cost-effective channels for influencing QSR customers
  • QSR and Fast Casual marketers spend efficiently on TV
  • Tactical incrementality is strongest for younger & less loyal customers

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New Placed Research: Millennials and Auto Shopping

Driving Millennial Shoppers into Car Dealerships


The time has come—Millennials are ready for car ownership. They’re past their college years, getting married, earning good salaries, and considering moves outside of urban areas. If you’re an automotive marketer and still think of Millennials as teens who only use ride-sharing services, this Placed Research report is for you.


Millennials are actively shopping for vehicles, and using ride-sharing apps as a supplement to car ownership

By integrating Placed’s large-scale business visitation data with 1st-party automotive shopping surveys, we validated that Millennials are shopping at dealerships and taking test drives.

  • Millennials account for 1 in every 5 visits to dealerships.
  • 1 in 3 Millennial dealership visits is a shopping visit.
  • Millennial auto shopping visits over-index for Lyft and Uber app installs.

Although Millennials are ready to buy cars, the study also shows that Millennials shop differently. Fortunately, their real-world behavior—day of the week, time of day, business affinities—follows consistent patterns that can be used for optimizing marketing programs and ad campaigns to drive more Millennials to shop and test drive at dealerships.

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Placed Takes the Stage at Shopper Insights in Action and Market Research in the Mobile World Conferences

It’s a busy week here at Placed as we head to the Midwest to share the latest on location insights at two industry events.


Check out the details below-








What: Shopper Insights in Action

Session Title: Measuring the Paths and Behaviors of Offline Consumers

When: Tuesday, July 16 at 3:30pm

Where: Chicago


Placed CEO and Founder, David Shim, presents at the Shopper Insights in Action conference focusing on how retailers can use location insights to better understand their customers and competitors. Be sure to stop by the Placed booth at the conference to learn more. If you can’t make the conference, find out how Placed Insights can help retailers know their offline shopper here, and follow along on Twitter with #SHOPPER360.










What: Market Research in the Mobile World

Session Title: Mobile + Location: The challenges and opportunities in measurement’s next era

When: Wednesday, July 17th at 5:15pm

Where: Minneapolis


David will be sharing thoughts on the challenges and the opportunities in mobile market research including an in depth look at Placed’s unique approach to location measurement.  If you can’t attend MRMW, feel free to follow the Twitter discussions with #MRMW.